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Reiki Master

{Self}Love Warrior

Spiritual Seed Planter

Master of Social Work

Soul Awakening Catalyzer

Finding love within is the greatest gift you can give yourself, and your world. We all have the power to heal ourselves, but we don’t always know how and often don’t feel worthy enough of giving ourselves the love we pour into others.
My soul awakening journey led me to experience the healing power of Reiki energy healing years ago and now I get to share the gift with others on the path to healing and transformation.
As a social worker in the field of domestic and sexual violence for many years, my own self-care was inadequate and often nonexistent. Through years of experiencing burn out and secondary trauma, my energy and emotions were depleted, my body manifesting the stress in illness and inflammation. What I didn’t realize at the time was that my body was waking me up to years of suppressed emotions, neglected inner-child wounds, and a way of being that no longer aligned with who I was meant to be in the world. Feeling isolated and exhausted, I made the choice to take back my wellness and love myself unapologetically.
Reiki energy healing empowered me to create a connection between my body, mind, and spirit. As I combined this work with coaching and therapeutic care, I began to shift my life in profound ways that left me empowered, in flow, and creating my life’s path and purpose.
I stand for the possibility of your transformation by guiding you back to the wisdom that lives within through energy healing, awakening the soul through coaching, holding sacred space with love.


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