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   and you will 
                find love everywhere

Everything you need lives within you.

Everything you wish from others is already in you.

You are the one you've been waiting for.

Hello beautiful soul...seeker of truth...essence of light and love!

Thank you for being here.

​I am honored to share this space with you.

Find Love Within is a journey, an evolution, a rebirth of oneself.

It is coming back to the pure love that lives within each of us.

It is the choice and choosing to love yourself deeper than ever before.

It is an opening to connect to the guide that lives within you, the one who has been with you all along.

It is the greatest journey your soul was meant to venture on in this life.

Do you hear the calling?

The time is now. 

You are worthy. You are supported. You are loved. 

And I can't wait to journey together on your magical path!

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Reiki Energy Healing


THE Soul Awakening Experience


Cosmic Reiki


"When I had my first Reiki session with Nasim, I was in a dark place in my life. I was ill physically and emotionally. Nasim helped me to connect with my inner self and become strong again. For a first time in a very very long time, I am able to say “I feel good”. I feel so honored and lucky to call Nasim my teacher. She genuinely helps the one in a need of guidance. When I started my Reiki sessions, I set my intentions to have more patience, open my third eye, and have more understanding of how the universe works. Nasim has been leading me on my path with her patience, wisdom and guidance. I am truly grateful to have her as my teacher. "   ~Maryam

"Nasim embodies a magical, healing force within her beautiful being. Her expansive gifts of Reiki, soul connecting and empowering conversations full of enlightened nuggets is life enhancing and spirit soothing. She can transform dark, shadow places within you to a flow of light, abundance and hope. Over the years, I have been blessed to receive her healing gifts. Through her wisdom, love and healing energies, she has impacted and elevated my world in the most positive and compassionate of ways. I definitely recommend her for anyone looking to explore and nurture a loving, enchanting relationship with self. Her extraordinary talents as a healer, teacher and spiritual coach will align you with your highest self. You will be propelled into a divine journey where you can emerge from your cocoon and begin to soar and dance with the butterflies!"  ~Mamta

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