As a vessel, a conduit of energy and a channel for Spirit wisdom, my purpose is to connect you with the divine that lives within you. Freedom lies in accessing what lives deep within our hearts, bodies, and soul. Through {self}love, we are able to give rise to this infinite wisdom and become in alignment with our life's purpose. Through {self}love, you can heal the parts of you that have kept you from stepping into your most authentic way of being. 

Through {self}love, anything is possible.

Reiki energy healing

Activation and clearing of life force energy by accessing the energy points in the body known as chakras, Reiki energy ignites the body and spirit's energetic vibration, healing dis-ease and creating flow.

Reiki is available in person and virtually.


One-on-one coaching focused on awakening your soul and connecting you to your guide within. Soul-awakening brings to focus how to align with your higher self, deepen your self-love practice, and find healing in parts of your life that are holding you back from abundance, love, joy, success, health, and peace.

Coaching is available in person and virtually.

sacred tools & rituals

Crystals, Tarot, Astrology, and more to come...

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